Schmidt Care Community @ WestHaven

In 1983, Everett and Edith Schmidt reluctantly moved from the Orland community that Everett’s family had called home for over 100 years to find quality Christ-centered senior care. Their generous bequest, along with gifts from others, provided the foundation for the expansion of WestHaven facilities to create the family-style buildings that are now the Schmidt Care Community.

Located in the adjacent Village @ WestHaven planned development, in 2019 we returned to our roots by providing truly intimate family-style care. With not more than six (6) residents per building, we are able to provide the closest level of care possible in a setting that not only feels like a family home, but is staffed like one too.

Each building offers a mixture of both fully private rooms and one or more, affordable shared rooms. Our Care Companions reside 24/7 to provide around the clock family style support and care to all residents.

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